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66th Bath speak, and the world answers

30 October 2013

On Friday the 18th October six scouts of Bath’s newest Scout Troop – 66th Bath – set of in the rain towards Bristol but their real target was much further away. Thanks to Avon Scout Radio, who had set up shop at 229th Bristol’s scout HQ they would be taking part in the annual Jamboree on the Internet (Joti), and connecting to Scouts from all over the world. Their know-how, help and equipment enabled the 66th Bath to talk to other Scouts participating from countries all over the world stretching from Australia and Alaska to South Africa and the Netherlands.

66th’s intrepid global communicators settled in for the long haul as they were staying the night and a lot of midnight oil was burned. At 1am there were stop motion films being made, dutch Scouts being shown around via Skype and messages being furiously typed on iPads to all corners of the world. That’s not to mention the pizzas which had long ago been lovingly cooked and then equally lovingly devoured. Even the leaders got in on the communicative action, updating the Group’s camp blog and Twitter acount (@westonscouts) to keep people a bit closer to home up to date. The highlight of the night was quite possibly the scouts’ stints in Avon Scout Radio’s fully equipped radio studio, which gave a real taste of life live on the airwaves.

Slowly but surely beds were laid out and even some sleep was had (although not by everyone!) but not before the leaders had finally run out of steam and taken their shift in the land of nod (perhaps the one place no-one saw quite enough of!). Soon enough the morning came around again and, protesting that they’d stayed up all night (despite it taking the fire alarm going off to wake them up) the Scouts tucked into breakfast before heading home. Tired, yes, but with a great experience behind them and a multitude of stories to tell.