Sushi Scouts Prepare For Japan

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Sushi Scouts Prepare For Japan

2 May 2014

Scouts selected for the World Jamboree 2015 enjoyed a traditional meal at Yen Sushi, a traditional Japanese restaurant in Bath. The intrepid Scouts had their first taste of Sushi and other Japanese delicacies in preparation for their trip to Japan where they will join 40,000 other Scouts from across the world. The evening hosted by Bath District Scouts saw the 14-17 year olds enjoy a selection of raw fish, squid and fish eggs on top of Sushi rice, wrapped in seaweed.

Tracey Stevenson a Cub Leader from Bathampton and one of the Unit Leaders said about the meal ‘I really enjoyed my first experience of Sushi, especially the salty fish eggs. Experiences likes this is what makes Scouting so appealing, to so many young people and adults. Scouting provides so many opportunities and this meal makes me look forward to trying more Japanese food, when we reach the Jamboree next year’