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Harry Potter Scouts Enjoy Magical Camp

19 June 2014

Cubs and Scouts from 31st Bath enjoyed a Harry Potter themed camp at Cleeve Hill campsite last weekend. A few days before, the owls posted them a letter to their address in the cupboard under the stairs. They arrived to find they needed a Hogwarts Express ticket to take them to Hogwarts but not after making their way through to Platform 9 3⁄4 by going through a wall! Not long after putting up their tents, the Sorting Hat sorted them into one of 5 houses (Centaurs, Gorgons, Hydras, Minotaurs and Phoenixes) before they enjoyed a few sweets from Hogsmeade and a campfire before bed.

Saturday morning saw wand making and the start of their classes which included a potions class featuring science experiments, broomstick making, a wizard’s dueling game, painting lanterns and inventing their own magical creatures. The Cubs and Scouts went to the classes in their houses and were given lots of house points if they impressed their teacher! Some competitive Quidditch matches saw Gorgons and Phoenixes increase their chances of winning the House Cup in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the Cubs and Scouts were starting to work out who Voldemort could be after a third role play clue where a Cub seemed to have been cursed by someone in the crowd. After dinner, another campfire was enjoyed with songs and the Scouts also got to experience some indoor fireworks!

On the final day, a water slide was set up and enjoyed by all (including leaders) followed by a water fight! As camp drew to a close, it was revealed that Voldemort was actually one of the Scouts and Dumbledore was glad to announce that Phoenixes had won the House Cup!