Bathampton Scouts return from Summer Camp

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Bathampton Scouts return from Summer Camp

14 September 2014

Scouts from Bathampton have just returned from their yearly summer camp in Sway on the edge of the New Forrest. The intrepid Scouts took part in their annual Top Gear Challenge that involves them identifying land marks from photos and using any transport method. This year saw the 30 Scouts walk from Sway to the local station and then catch a train to Portsmouth.

From here they took a ferry to Ryde on the Isle of Wight. The Scouts then caught a bus to Sandown Pier on the other side of the Island, had an ice cream  and free time on the beach. They then caught a bus to Yarmouth, a ferry to Lymington and from here they walked back to Sway. The Challenge was won by Kestrels who achieved the exercise in the shortest time and used the least amount of money!

Other highlights of the camp included hiking through the New Forrest for their Expedition Challenge badge, a 24 hour survival exercise for their Survival Badge, a Christmas party complete with music, Christmas games and crackers. Archery, Dutch Arrows, zorbing, sea kayaking at Lymington Sea Pool, a visit to a music concert in Bournemouth and a sandcastle building competition on New Milton beach (won by the Merlins) and a quiz in Lymington.

All of the Scouts slept under canvas, cooked on wood fires and built their own camp gadgets including dressers to help make camp life easier. The camp competition; where points are awarded for cooking, Scout craft, Top Gear Challenge, sandcastle building and the quiz was won overall by the Kestrels led by Melissa whose Patrol was awarded the Spadger Trophy.

For more information about what we got up to on camp, please visit our day by day camp blog at