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Skilled Scouts Bag Badges

12 October 2014

14972472899_bbf0fe75cd_oSister and brother Mari and Florian are just two of the Scouts from Bathampton who have recently gained a bumper number of badges and awards.

Both Scouts have earned their Interpreter badges as they speak fluent German and this year Florian was the first Scout in Bath to pass the new Fundraising Badge after cycling from Bath to Brighton in aid of the RSPCA. He also got his Cyclist Badge for this mammoth ride.

The duo attended Troop camp in Hampshire this summer where Mari earned her Campers badge. Along with other Bathampton Scouts, they passed the Survival Badge, which involved learning bushcraft skills and applying them as part of a survival camp. The Scouts were also awarded their Expedition Challenge after the planning and taking part in a 24 hour hike.

Th14974019309_76e2ed873ae camp resulted in other awards: Patrol Leader Melissa became the first Scout in Bath to pass her Survival Instructors Badge passing on her knowledge and skills to the younger Scouts, and Tom Shellard, a volunteer Leader was presented with his 100 Nights Away Badge. Several Scouts got their first Nights Away badges and two 50 Nights Away and two 35 Nights Away Badges were awarded. In all, over 50 badges have recently been awarded ranging from paddle sports and equestrian to music, model maker and swimming.

All of the awards form part of what the Scout Association has to offer young people, recognising their achievements at Troop nights and on activities but also rewarding progress in existing and new hobbies and pursuits. For more information on joining the adventure, get in touch here!