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Beaver Colony Opens To Meet Demand

1 February 2015

A new Beaver Scout Section will open on the 4th February 2015 in Oldfield Park, at the 51st Bath (Ascension Church) Scout Group. This is to meet the increase in demand for Scouting as more and more young people want to join the Scouting adventure across Bath.

Beaver Scout activities are a combination of learning and having fun. Some Colonies attend sleepovers in suitable buildings which are a great way of developing new skills, enhancing friendships and building confidence. They learn about themselves and how to look after themselves, they get to know people from their local community. They find out about life in other countries and explore through organized activities.

Beaver is open to children in the three months leading up to their 6th birthday, until they are 8 years old when they go up to Cubs. The Beavers will meet once a week as a “Colony”.

The new Colony will be led by Ben Mansbridge who brings a wealth of experience with him as a Beaver Leader from Cheshire Scouts and he will be supported by Ashley and Andy both from the Scout Section, who have many years of experience as Leaders.

The 51st will be looking to parents and grandparents etc to help in various ways with the Scout Group, be it as a Assistant Leader or as a supporter, to take the Colony forward and provide opportunities for young people in the area.  There is something for everyone, whatever their background or experience, everyone is welcome.

To register your son or daughter for the new Colony, or if you would like to get involved and join the adventure, get in touch with us here!