13th Bath Big Breakfast Fundraiser

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13th Bath Big Breakfast Fundraiser

24 March 2015

breakfast13On Saturday 21st March the 13th Bath (Oldfield Park Baptist) Scout Group, held their annual Big Breakfast fundraiser.  This was their 9th event and as always was very a successful morning raising funds for Scouting in the Oldfield Park area.  It all started as “Scouting awareness in the community” and has grown every year since.

The whole Group were involved from parents and Leaders cooking to the Beavers/Cubs/Scouts serving the meals to the general public who come through the door to see what Scouting is about.  Trevor Cook, Group Scout Leader at the Group commented “I have always been amazed at the confidence and enjoyment the youngsters show when serving and interacting with their customers.”

Over 100 meals were served in the two hour window including to Bath MP, Don Foster, who engaged with the young people with discussions about their scouting experiences and the positive impact of scouting on the local community.

If you would like to get involved with scouting; becoming a Leader or taking up other way to help Scouting in Bath then please contact us here.