Scouts Pitch in to Help Maintain Campsite

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Scouts Pitch in to Help Maintain Campsite

5 April 2015

Scouts from Bathampton have just completed their Campsite Service Badge by helping to maintain Bath District Scouts’ own Cleeve Hill Campsite on the edge of the city. The Troop cleared undergrowth, learnt about the tools needed to run a site and took part in a campfire. They also discussed the merits of varies changes to the site and what they would like to see added and improved on at their local campsite.

The Scouts were onsite as part of their annual ‘Dragnet’ camp; an all day wide game where they attempt evade the ‘Hunter Patrol’ and navigate their way around a 12 mile route. While on camp the Scouts avoided the inclement weather of 60 mile per hour winds by sleeping in the Scott Cabin, but had the chance to cook their own food using a Patrol budget at the local supermarket – the highlight of which were the homemade pizzas and onion bhajis cooked by the Eagle Patrol.

The Scouts took time out of their hard work to visit the bowling alley at Longwell Green where the Leaders narrowly beat the Scouts in the scoring. The Campsite Service badge is part of the progressive training scheme offered by Scouts. More information about some of the wide range of badges available can be found by getting in touch here. Information about booking Cleeve Hill Campsite is available here.