Bath Scouts add another String to their Bow

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Bath Scouts add another String to their Bow

18 May 2015


Local Scouts have just taken delivery of new archery kit including bows, arrows and safety equipment to update their current equipment and and expand the age range of young people able to take part in this traditional sport.

The Scouts now have 12 bows in a range of weights which means all ages from 5 upwards can have a go at this exciting sport. With the early evenings the ‘twang’ of a bowstring should echo across the fields at Bath’s local Scout campsite; Cleeve Hill on the edge of Bath as the various Bath Groups enjoy the lighter evenings.

Bath Scouts continues to support both its young people and adults by investing in new equipment and subsidizing training in a long list of outdoor skills. In the last 12 months adults have gained qualifications in an exciting pastimes such as shooting, climbing, canoeing and inland helmsman with many Leaders having more than one string to their bow!

If you would like to give archery, or one of the many other activities we have on offer, a try, or have a skill or hobby you would like to instruct and expand upon, please get in touch with us here.