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66th Bath Enjoy Hogwarts Adventure

19 June 2015

On the first weekend of J66hogs15_IMG_6304une, magic was in the air for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts of 66th Bath. For one weekend, the leaders used their magical powers to transform Wick Primary School into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The young wizards pushed their way through a brick wall onto Platform 9 3/4 where the Hogwarts Express was waiting to carry them away to a fun weekend of activities. The weekend began, of course, with a sorting ceremony where the talking Sorting Hat quickly put them into their six (ok, a change from the books!) houses.

Before long it was time for lessons, and during the weekend each house group had a chance to try six different wizarding lessons, as well as learning some useful spells and having a go at making potions under the watchful eye of Professor Snape (aka Rhys)

Their lessons included making wands in Charms Class, a Transfiguration session, rounding up the magical creatures for Hagrid, and a defence against the dark arts obstacle course, while Herbology took place outside around the fire.


On Saturday evening, the whole group had a chance to learn Quidditch before enjoying some traditional campfire songs.

As well as regular meals cooked by our hardworking team of house elves (Kay and Fran, with help from the leaders) the whole group enjoyed a Wizards Feast for Sunday Lunch, including Pumpkin Pasties, Polyjuice Pasta, and of course Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans!

As the weekend drew to a close, so did the Hogwarts Term. Prizes were awarded to the winning house, and the house elves were presented with socks to set them free as a thank you for their hard work! The young wizards returned, tired, on the Hogwarts Express back to the muggle world, while the leaders wished they could have used magic to tidy up the school!

Thanks go to:

  • Wick Primary School for allowing use of their site!
  • Kay and Fran for their hard work in the kitchens
  • All the leaders and parent helpers who worked hard during, and in the run up to, the event to make it a success!