Scouts from Bath return from the trip of a lifetime in Japan

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Scouts from Bath return from the trip of a lifetime in Japan

26 August 2015

Scouts and Leaders from across Bath have just returned from the 23rd World Scout Jamboree, held at the Kirarahama exhibition park in the Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan.

The five Scouts; Sam from Combe Down, Melissa and Katie from Bathampton and Ashley and James from Batheaston, formed part of the two units which represented the Avon area – ‘Avonators’ and ‘Avonushi’, who in turn made up part of the UK contingent which sent over 4000 Scouters to the global event.

Tracey, a Cub Leader from Bathampton, was selected to be one of the leaders for the ‘Avonators’ unit and said “Despite the 39 hour journey to the campsite and arriving in a heat wave, the Scouts arrived full of enthusiasm and this continued throughout the camp as they threw themselves at all the activities and culture differences the camp presented. The Leaders were so proud of the Scouts and showed what good ambassadors they were for both local Scouting and young people in general.”

Simon and Ethan, also from Bath, were selected to be part of the International Service Team which supports the event by providing activities and running the day to day needs of the site to the other 36, 000 participants taking part.

In addition to the main event, the Young People were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture in the form of Home Hospitality. This took place in the days leading up to the Jamboree when the Scouts stayed with families in the city of Fuji, south west of Tokyo where they visited local shrines and temples, and ate traditional food prepared by their guests.

During the Jamboree itself, the Scouts took part in ten days of activities with an extensive programme ranging from global development to water activities, hiking to robotics! During their free time they were able to gather an insight into other cultures by visiting other units of site and joining them for parties and meals.

Katie, one of the Young People from Bathampton said, “Participating in the World Scout Jamboree was an amazing opportunity and I am so lucky to have been welcomed into the international Scouting family. Every day I met new people, discovered new things and tried new foods and activities. I would fully recommend the Jamboree experience as it is a great chance to increase your confidence and skills of exploring new places and new cultures.”

The World Scout Jamboree is held every four years in different locations across the world including Sweden and Thailand in recent years. The next is due to be held in West Virginia in the summer of 2019! More photos of the Jamboree can be found on the Facebook pages of both The Avonators and Avonushi.

To find out how you could get involved in the next international experience, or in one of the many other exciting and adventurous activities Scouting has on other, get in touch here.