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Network Scouts from Bath visit Beijing

17 September 2015

Ethan, Alice and Kathryn along with Network Leader, Simon, all from local Scout Groups in Bath, stayed in the centre of this bustling city along with 200 other Scout Leaders from across the UK. The trip was the final part of the World Scout Jamboree held in Japan and was a stop off before their return to the UK after nearly two weeks camping under canvas.

The Scout Network members, part of Scouting’s oldest ‘youth’ section which runs from 18 to 25, spent five days exploring the city with the help of a local guide, staying in a hotel on the Chandag Road in the heart of the city. The Scouts visited Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the National China Museum, The Olympic Stadium and walked along part of the Great Wall of China.  For many the highlight was a visit to Beijing Zoo to see various Pandas up close. A number of Scouts returned with their own Pandas albeit soft toys after seeing these endangered, but very laid-back species.

Their guide also introduced them to Chinese culture with a visit to a local resident’s house in the poorer part of the city; where the home owners are forced to use public toilets as none of the houses have bathrooms. The Scouts were entertained with Green Tea before later attending a Tea Ceremony – the most popular being the anti-ageing tea!


The intrepid Scouts visited a Jade factory and learnt about the different types of Jade, its properties and the beliefs held by the Chinese over this rare stone. In addition, they were also able to experience more of this amazing city by immersing themselves in the local culture with frequent visits to Chinese restaurants and a visit to the Beijing market, where amongst the delicacies on offer was Sea Horse, Scorpion and Star Fish on stick to try!

Ethan, a Scout Leader from 28th Bath (Bathampton), said of the trip: “It was by far the most exciting Scout trip I have ever been on. We were so fortunate to have a guide who not only took us to the numerous tourist attractions across the city, but also to many places that most tourists don’t get the opportunity to visit. I was fascinated by the whole Chinese history and culture and the very hospitable welcome they gave me and the other Scouts was great. I can’t wait for my next tip there!”

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