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Spooky Scouts Visit Scarefest Camp

19 November 2015


Scouts from the 28th Bathampton Scout Troop recently took part in an action packed weekend at the national “home of Scouting”, Gilwell Park in Essex. All those who went were Patrol Leaders or Assistant Patrol Leaders, meaning they have extra responsibility to lead their patrol in the troop, and they joined 1,200 other Scouts from across the UK at the annual Scarefest camp. The Scouts enjoyed a mixture of activities including a giant swing, high ropes course, crate stacking, climbing, circus skills, arieal runway and a chance to watch Ghostbusters on a giant screen.

The senior Scouts also took the opportunity to have a Patrol Leaders forum over breakfast at a local hotel, as part of Scouting’s commitment to ensure everything we do is shaped by our young people. They discussed their ideas for future camps and the wider programme of events for the next twelve months, ensuring they having a meaningful input into how their Troop is run.

11219434_10153344299959092_3504090161598269972_nSaturday evening saw the Scouts dress up as devils and join the other Scouts for a night of scary ghost walks and scary mazes complete with various frightening characters jumping out at them. An amazing fireworks and laser display, one of the best the Scouts had ever seen, was a spectacular finish to the weekend.

Far from dampening spirits, the wet and misty weather added to the spooky atmosphere. The Scouts had a really scary time and look forward to another visit!

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