Bathampton Scouts go Carol Singing

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Bathampton Scouts go Carol Singing

29 December 2015

6ca38413-c174-4519-b35a-c6152b44162aAs part of their community impact initiative and to raise funds for their forthcoming Expedition Camp in the New Forrest, Scouts from Bathampton donned Santa hats and Scout uniform for an evening of carol singing around the village.

Despite a number of local pets following the singers around the village, the Scouts were well received by the residents, many of whom brought out their younger children to watch the recitals and kindly made a donation towards the new equipment needed for their next adventure.

With sore throats the Scouts returned to the HQ for their annual awards ceremony with the ‘Spadger Trophy’ awarded to the Merlins Patrol. This trophy is for the winning Patrol from summer camp where the Patrols gain point from various competitions, activities, cooking and inspections. Misha (Assistant Patrol Leader on the camp) collected the trophy on behalf of the Merlins.

Next up was the ‘Young Leader of The Year Award’ which was won by Melissa for all her hard work and dedication to the Troop. Being a Young Leader provides a link between the Scouts and Leaders and is an integral part of the running of the Troop.

The last award was the ‘Scout of The Year Award’ which had two runners up in the form of Lorna for her solid dedication to the Troop and Will for his continued enthusiasm for all Scouting – noticed again when carol signing!

The overall winner was Jim, Patrol Leader for the Eagles who was nominated by his peers and by the Leaders for his proactive leadership skills and dedication to ensuring all the new Scouts were made very welcome to the Troop, explaining what was going on and that they were enjoying themselves.

All of the winners were given a water bottle from who kindly assisted with the prizes while the senior Scouts were given a pair of socks donated by for their input and help with the Troop. Bathampton Scouts would like to thank both companies for their support for the 2015 presentations.

The evening ended with a sleepover in the Scouts HQ, with party food and a screening of The Minions Movie. Fore more information about how you can get involved in Scouting in Bath, get in touch!