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Freshford School Enjoy Scouting Skills

30 January 2016

IMG_3011This week not only did Scouting run in the evenings, as it does every week, but, in collaboration with the Pears Project, we brought Scouting to the young people at Freshford Primary School during the day. Under blustering awnings, in typical British weather, they made their own fires, and roasted marshmallows. Asked what they thought of the activities, one of the pupils said “it’s great; I love playing in the woods and so Scouting seems really cool.” Asked to compare the methods of lighting their fire, another pupil said “well, the flint and steel is more fun, ‘cos it’s like fireworks, but the matches are loads quicker.”

The morning also gave opportunity for some filming to take place promoting the work of the Pears Project. Ashley Russell, a Group Scout Leader in Bath and Chair of the Pears Project’s Steering Group, was one of those interviewed. He said of the project’s impact, “we went into the project not knowing if this was the right model, but very willing to learn. As it turns out, our model of using paid interns in a flexible way vastly increases the growth we can achieve, and takes some of the pressure off volunteers to dedicate even more of their valuable time – such as school assemblies, which might be impossible for a volunteer in full-time work.”

Ashley added “we’re doing some amazing things in Bath in terms of what we deliver. However, we have the potential to involve so many more people, both young people and adult volunteers. By growing, not only at Group-level but in the District team, we can make sure we’re laying on the best possible Scouting experience we can.” He added, “The Pears Project has allowed us to reach new areas, and support growth in existing Groups, by offering direct front-line support. At the end of the day, there are more young people enjoying Scouting in Bath than this time last year – which can only be a good thing!”

The Pears Project’s model uses paid interns, working on a part-time, flexible basis, to create the noise about Scouting in communities and recruit the young people and Leadership team. The interns offer direct support to the new Leaders as they find their feet, before eventually handing over support to the District, leaving behind a sustainable Section.

Recruitment in Bath is a particular focus in this year. In particular, the District is looking to recruit adults who can fill some key support roles including training, section support, and development, in order to continue to support local Scouting as well open new Groups in Freshford and Odd Down.

For more information on how to get involved, get in touch here, or have a look at some of the opportunities we have on offer on our vacancy page here.