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Blaze Explorers visit the French Alps

16 August 2016

74551CBEF19D4E73AC03D94DB618EB6AA small group of Explorers and Leaders from Blaze Explorers enjoyed a week in the French Alps, based at Samoens, near Chamonix last month.  In the first few days, activities included White Water rafting on the lively Giffre river, scrambling along a Via Ferrata and walking high in the mountains.  Rafting was organised by local experts and the Explorers also swam and jumped in to the river from river cliffs in addition to rafting swiftly down the rapids.  The Via Ferrata trip was led by local Mountain Guides, traversing across a sheer cliff face high above the valley, protected with safety equipment installed along the route.

A three day expedition formed the second half (and highlight) of the trip, staying overnight in Mountain Refuges (actually rather comfortable and with excellent French food).  Most of the expedition was inside a nature reserve, with stunning alpine scenery.  The first day entailed a steep ascent up a rocky outcrop and a long series of zigzags protected by “cable” handrails, to reach the Vogealle refuge at 1,900m.  On the second day, the expedition skirted an alpine lake, walked across some unseasonally late snow patches which necessitated cutting steps with an ice-axe, before crossing a spectacular limestone plateau and summiting Pointe Droite at 2,500m.  The Folly refuge was a welcome sight at the end of this day!  The final day of the expedition included a descent through the forest and then an afternoon at the local lido. One Explorer summarised “it was a fantastic walk, the weather was clear and hot, the views priceless”

88F6EE3694D5423D8E1DB8B9C1980223The group also watched the Tour de France pass through at top speed and visited Chamonix to catch sight of Mont Blanc.

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