Weston Scouts take on Night Navigation Challenge

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Weston Scouts take on Night Navigation Challenge

30 September 2016

night-hike7 Scouts from 66th Bath (Weston Village) undertook a 9 mile night hike on Saturday Night.

Based at Bathampton Scout HQ, the Scouts first took part in an afternoon of training activities to prepare them for the hike. This included learning how to use Trangia Stoves so that they could cook their own dinner out on the hike. The training also included a refresher on how to use maps and compasses, as well as creating route cards.

As darkness started to fall, the Scouts headed out from Bathampton Scout Hut in two groups. One group were dropped off near Tormarton to walk to Bathampton, whilst the other group walked from Bathampton to Tormarton. Both groups did really well, with the group who were walking back to Bathampton making it back to the HQ at about 1.20am. The other group were picked up about 1km short of their destination at 1.30am, as the weather started to turn.

The Scouts were walking in patrols, each under the leadership of a patrol leader or assistant patrol leader, whilst the leaders provided support via two-way-radio and met up with them regularly at checkpoints. For three of the Scouts this was their first night away with the group.

Having completed their hike, the Scouts and their leaders stayed overnight at Bathampton Scout HQ, enjoying a cooked breakfast before heading home the next morning.

Scout Leader Jodi Walsh said “They walked a 14km route in the dark, (mostly) navigating by themselves, cooked their own dinner and used a radio to contact the leaders when needed. Even though there were a few livestock issues along the way, they were all incredible. We are so proud of them. Also thank you to the leaders who did an incredible job of supporting the scouts and giving up yet another evening to volunteer for scouting.”

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