Bathampton Scouts visit local Fire Station

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Bathampton Scouts visit local Fire Station

18 October 2016

14787481_1249397345081451_2096013011_oLast Friday, Scouts from the 28th Bathampton Scout Troop visited Bath Fire Station as part of their Fire Safety Badge. The Scouts watched a car being winched back on to its wheels, were shown around a pump and had the equipment explained to them. In previous weeks the Scouts have learnt about fire safety both at home and on camp. They looked at fire escape plans, preventive measures and what to do in case of a fire, as well as the causes of fires at home, school and camp.

While at the Fire Station, the Scouts were presented with numerous Scout badges which had been gained both on their annual summer camp in Dorset and in the months since then. The badges included the Camper, Survival, Photography, Cyclist, Martial Arts, Chef and Camp Cook.  Nights Away badges were also presented for time spent on camp under canvas. These included several 20 and 35 nights away awards. Melissa, a Young Leader with the Troop gained her 100 Nights Away badge.

14632507_1249396975081488_225063382_oTwo Scouts were promoted, with Florian and Will gaining their Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader badges to enable them to lead their patrols and take on more responsibility.

The visit and the badges awarded are just a snapshot of the many different skills and activities Young People can enjoy in Scouting. Bath Scouts offers challenge and adventure to both Young People and adult volunteers. To find out how you can be involved, get in touch here.