Beavers from Weston meet Dolly the Guide Dog

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Beavers from Weston meet Dolly the Guide Dog

11 October 2016
14364706_1111845022227878_6870370172639657469_nOn 22nd September, Beavers from Weston’s Thursday Colony were lucky enough to have some extra special visitors. We were all very excited to meet Guide Dog trainer George and his puppy in training Dolly. George, who is from the Chippenham and Corsham Guide Dogs branch, explained to an eager audience how and why we use Guide Dogs.

The Beavers were fascinated to hear why they don’t use poodles; they are scared of their own shadows! Other interesting facts we learned included the average working life of a dog is 5 to 6 years and that the lifetime cost of a guide dog is £50,000!

Each lodge got to meet, stroke and have their photo taken with a lively Dolly. The Beavers also asked George plenty of interesting questions for example what happens to the dogs once they’ve reached the end of their working life? They become family pets.

The Guide Dogs visit complemented our autumn theme of disability. Our Beavers are becoming more aware of others disabilities and what can be done to help make peoples lives easier.

guide-dogHaving heard that the Guide Dogs funding depends entirely upon public support, Thursday Beavers are now keen to do their bit and help raise lots of money! They will undertake a fundraising challenge over half term, which will hopefully lead to them presenting a donation to Guide Dogs organisation.

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