31st Bath Cubs celebrate Cubs 100 with an adventure in Bristol

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31st Bath Cubs celebrate Cubs 100 with an adventure in Bristol

16 January 2017

On the weekend of 17th-18th December, 15 Cubs, supported by several leaders and young leaders from the 31st Bath (St Barnabas) Cub Pack, went on an adventure around Bristol to celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouts in style!

After travelling to Bristol by bus, the Cubs went straight to Bristol Zoo Gardens where they enjoyed seeing all the animals and completing challenges around the park. Watching the seals being fed was definitely a highlight. Ollie, one of the Cubs, said “My favourite part of the trip was the zoo because you saw all the animals.”

After visiting the zoo, the group got the bus back into the centre of Bristol and walked to the Benjamin Perry Boathouse where they stayed the night. Here, the Cubs enjoyed party games, music and food. They also all sung Happy Birthday together and ate cake with custard; then finished the evening with a film and some popcorn.

The next morning, the pack again headed out, this time to visit Clifton. Here, they split into two groups and one walked over the Clifton Suspension Bridge while the others went up to see the Camera Obscura before going down into the cave. The two groups then swapped and enjoyed waving to each other from the bridge. Jacob M said “I really liked the Suspension Bridge. It was massive!”

The weekend ended with a special moment where the pack all renewed their promise in front of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The leaders were very impressed with how well the Cubs remembered their promise.

On the bus back to Bath, young leader Joe said “We haven’t slept in two days”, while Coby said “It was a fantastic weekend and I enjoyed it” and Evvie added “I had a really good time and I will never forget it”.

Cub Leader Stevie said “It was great to spend a fun weekend with lots of enthusiastic Cubs and end the Cubs 100 year on a high”.

To find out how you could get involved in the Cub Scout adventure, get in touch here.