Weston Scouts Spend Snowy Weekend Camping

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Weston Scouts Spend Snowy Weekend Camping

14 February 2017

11 Scouts from 66th Bath Scout Group enjoyed a wintry experience at their recent “back to basics” camp. The camp, from 10-12 February, was held at Cleeve Hill Campsite on the edge of Bath, and was the first of two training camps to get the Scouts ready for their main Summer Camp in August.

On Friday night, as the Scouts arrived, the heavens opened – but instead of the more usual rain, it started to snow! The Scouts did a great job of pitching their patrol tents in the snow, before enjoying a supper of hot dogs and burgers, and a joint campfire with the 28th Bath Scouts who were also staying on site for the weekend. There was some dispute as to which troop could sing the loudest around the fire – but PLs Izzy and Elodie did a great job of leading the campfire, helped by Leaders Phil and Dave!

Saturday was spent brushing up on camping skills, with all of the Scouts earning their coveted “knife, axe and saw” card, allowing them to use these tools on camp, as well as practicing building camp gadgets, lighting fires, and learning the importance of camp hygiene. That evening the Scouts cooked Pasta Bolognese on open fires, then faced the challenge of washing up in the dark before another joint campfire with 28th Bath.

On Sunday Morning the Scouts cooked breakfast on their fires, before putting their new found skills into practise during a “trading game” – buying items from the leaders and using them to complete challenges to earn money. After a hot lunch of Jacket Potatoes cooked in the embers of the campfire, it was time to pack away the tents and tidy up the site before heading home to warm showers!!

Scout Leader Jodi Walsh said “Despite the freezing conditions and frequent snow flurries, the Scouts performed exceptionally well, learning a range of new skills. This should make it much easier for them when it comes to Summer Camp in August!”

The Scout Troop are already planning their next adventures, including a “bivvy night” in April, another camping weekend in July, and their main summer camp in Devon in August. If you would like to get involved in their next adventure, get in touch today!