Southdown Beavers enjoy Desert Island Adventure

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Southdown Beavers enjoy Desert Island Adventure

17 June 2017

Each year the 31st Beavers work very hard to fundraise enough money to enjoy a trip to Woodhouse Park in Almondsbury. The Beavers ran cake sales at St Barnabas Church, held a movie night to which they invited their families, enjoyed a sponsored sleepover in the church hall and filled old milk bottles with lose change from generous family and friends.

In early June 14 eager Beavers, 5 excited Leaders and one very enthusiastic Scout Commissioner arrived to our desert island themed camp. We stayed in a tented village, which meant we would sleep in tents for the first time, enjoy a campfire, cook on little gas stoves and eat outside.

The Beavers enjoyed working towards their ‘Outdoors Challenge Award’ by making their own beds in their tents, collecting wood and helping to build the camp fire and (begrudgingly) washing up after dinner. Beavers also learnt about what to do in case of an accident such as a minor cut or burn in preparation for the camp; although, luckily their first aid skills were not needed this weekend!

Beavers took part in shelter building led by our occasional helper, Alex; this involved learning about building a frame before using smaller sticks to protect from the wind and then moss and leaves to protect from the rain; the Beavers loved getting a taste of wild Scouting but were not so keen to sleep in their creations!

Archery sessions were a big hit, with many of our Beavers hitting gold; they learnt how to safely hold a bow, how to aim and how to accurately shoot a target.

The Beavers reported that their favourite parts of the camp were ‘shooting bows’, ‘staying up really late without being told off’, ‘sleeping in a tent for the first time ever’ and ‘eating LOTS of cake!’

We love to give our Beavers these wonderful experiences. The 31st St Barnabas Scout Group is always looking for more young people to join as well as adult volunteers to join the adventure, to find out more, get in touch here.