Leaders represent Bath Scouts at Pride

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Leaders represent Bath Scouts at Pride

11 July 2017

Scouting, for many of us involved, is a place for young people and adults to be who they truly are. Whether that’s a pyromaniac who’s always on campfire duty, a budding chef who’s always first up to make breakfast, or even someone struggling with their sexuality to come out as gay. We’re really proud in Bath Scouts to be open to everyone, no matter what their religious beliefs are (or none), whatever their gender, disability, gender or sexuality. Everyone is welcome, everyone works together, and everyone has to do the washing up!

In support of showing Scouting as inclusive and diverse, two of our members last Saturday attended Pride in London – the famous Pride march that brings everyone together in support of LGBT+ issues. As members of Scout Pride, Louise Madden (Group Scout Leader of 28th Bathampton) and Ashley Russell (Group Scout Leader of 51st Bath) joined with Scouts from around the country, clad in pink t-shirts and faces aglow with glitter, to celebrate Scouting being open to all. As they marched through the streets of London, past shop windows adorned with rainbows, the crowds gave them a roaring reception. Former Scouts, and those who’d never been involved, shouted their support, waved and held up Scout signs in respect. Announcers all down the route shared stories of their Scouting adventures.

“It was absolutely incredible,” Ashley said “the wonderful reception we got was amazing. I’m so proud to be part of a movement that not only believes in equality for all, but actively seeks to both show it is and work to make equality a reality in the world around us.” He commented that “speaking to other leaders, I was struck by how Scouting has helped people be who they are. One leader shared a story about how a young person first came out as gay to him on camp and asked the leader to be there when he came out to his parents. It’s creating these safe spaces to allow young people to be open and honest that really helps young people today.”

If you’re interested in getting involved with Scouting, perhaps helping us reach more people – no matter who they are – please do get in touch here.