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Bathampton Scouts on Island Adventure

7 September 2017

Scouts from Bathampton, aged 11 to 14, have recently returned from an action packed camp on the island of Guernsey.

The annual summer camp is always a big adventure and this year was no exception. The Scouts enjoyed lots of different activities as well managing to squeeze some time on a beach every single day of the 7 day camp.  Even the weather was pretty near perfect with just one evening of rain amongst glorious sunshine.

Tom a Scout said of the camp; “There was so much to do but I especially liked the island wide-quiz stopping at interesting places including the Diamond Museum , WW2 bunkers, and the Shipwreck Museum.  Exploring, hiking and visiting places was great fun.”

At most camps the Scouts stay on a large traditional campsite but this year they took up the challenge to hike and backpack.  This meant travelling light, sleeping in hike tents and cooking for themselves on small stoves.  To make life easier the Scouts built their own camp tables, benches and dressers from pallets.  These accommodated even the sturdiest leaders and were deemed an outstanding success.

As the Island had been occupied during the War, the Scouts took time to visit the Occupation Museum as well as and the Castle Cornet Museums with its Militia, Air Force and WW1 Museums. They also enjoyed a firework display at the North Guernsey Show and took the opportunity to bid for local produce – mainly cake.

Some of the older Scouts they had their own adventure on a trip to Herm Island whilst being pursued by teams of their younger peers. This was an opportunity to explore the tiny island famous for its Puffins, as well as to enjoy some friendly competition.

Over the course of the week the Scouts walked many of the island’s coastal paths and took part in wide games in the sand dunes at night, had a traditional campfire  and  a sandcastle building competition at Pembrook Bay.

The week finished with coasteering at Petit Bois Bay; this involved climbing cliffs and jumping into the sea under the supervision of instructors. The day ended with another amazing sunset and some chips around the campfire.

Tom, 21, a leader with the troop said

“The scouts were mainly working in small teams called Patrols, they had the opportunity to develop skills and increase their levels of independence as well as trying a range of new activities, and above all enjoying the outdoors with their friends.  Backpacking and hiking on this scale was a new experience and challenge for everyone, and one they took to relatively easily having been practising and preparing all summer term.  I would say, other than the rather choppy ferry crossing on the way out, both the Scouts and leaders had a perfect time.”

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