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Malta Camp for Local Scout Leaders

2 September 2018

Two local Leaders from Bath Scouts, Simon and Laura joined Scouts and Guides in Malta from 21 different countries to participate in MedJam18, the first Mediterranean Jamboree organised jointly by the Maltese Scouts and Guide Associations.

The international camp had the theme #BridgingCultures, and was for young people aged between 11 and 16. It is took place at the Ghajn Tuffieha International Scout Camp Site which is right next to one of the few beaches on the Island.

All the Scouts and Guides slept under tents in sub-camps with international Scouts and Guides. Off-site activities included visits to Valletta, Esplora science centre, an adventure day, boat party to the Blue Lagoon and a trip to a water park.

One guest of the Scouts was President Preca of Malta who visited the camp and told the Scouts, “I’m very proud of the local Scout and Guide movement but also the global movement. I hope this unique experience in a Mediterranean country, in the
midst of the Mediterranean with so many young people together, would be of great benefit for the young people as it provides a safe space for them to connect and enhance their friendships”.

Simon and Laura were representing WOSM and joined other adults as part of the International Service Team who came from across the world to support the young people in various roles including skills instructors, first aid and logistics.

Laura observed “It was such an incredible little bubble of excitement. Everyone was always looking forward to their next activity and countries that you’d never expect to get a chance to even see each other, outside of the Jamboree were sat sharing a
table talking and having fun.”

If you would like the opportunity to help at an international camp as an uniformed leader then please get in touch for more information.