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Local volunteers work to improve Scout HQ

20 October 2018

On Wednesday 10 members of the Department for Work and Pensions joined Scout Leaders at the 21st Larkhall Scouts HQ to help them clear undergrowth from the verge at the front of their entrance to improve visibility for young people entering the their ground and at the back to increase the light into their hall.

The day was spent in glorious sunshine as the team cleared brambles and despite being tangled up in the thorns, a huge amount of work was achieved. The team were rewarded with chicken stew cooked in a fire using a Dutch oven which impressed the DWP team too.

Steve Dawe of the DWP commented on the day: “Just to say that Bath Jobcentre’s day with the Bath Scouts went really well. The 10 of us felt that we had done something really positive to help our local community and I know that Simon, from the Scouts, really appreciated our help as well. Thank you so much for organising this.”

This project was part of the DWP’s initiative to get out into the community and the start of a refurbishment project for the 21st Scouts to improve the facilities for the young people at their meeting place.

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