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Scary Scouts in Train Adventure

5 November 2018

Scouts from the 28th (Bathampton) Scout Troop have just returned from an exciting weekend at Gilwell Park, near Chingford, the home of Scouting.

The Scouts joined 1,500 other young people from across the UK at the annual Halloween themed ‘Scarefest’ camp in some cold conditions.

The Scouts travelled by train, carrying all of their kit for the weekend, including tents, from Bath Spa Station. Whilst on camp the Scouts enjoyed a mixture of activities including bumper cars, giant swing, high ropes, crate stacking, climbing, circus skills, aerial runway and a chance to watch a scary film on a big screen.

Saturday evening saw the Scouts in fancy dress join other Scouts and Leaders for a night of ghost walks and mazes complete with various ghosts and ghouls jumping out at them. The finale of the weekend was a spectacular fireworks and laser display, described by many as the best they had seen.

Looking forward to the train trip home the Scouts thought this was the end of their trip. But on arrival at Paddington they found all the trains had been cancelled due to a track failure.

Eventually they were advised to take a train to Oxford. This train then broke down at Wembly and they found themselves mixing with NFL fans! The next three trains were too full to take them and finally the fourth train took them home with the total trip taking nearly 9 hours.

All part of the adventure the Scouts took it in their stride and as a parent remarked “thank you so much for showing them how to keep calm in stressful situations – a very   useful skill to have”.

This is all part of the new Skills-for-life being promoted by Scouting and the Scouts experience through their progressive training programme.

This ‘scary camp’ is one of the many exciting and challenging adventures that Bathampton Scouts offers and they currently have space for a few more young people aged between 10-14 to get involved. If you would like more information how to get involved, get in touch here.