Scouts aim for Photography Badge

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Scouts aim for Photography Badge

7 December 2018

Recently, nearly 40 cubs and scouts from across Bath took part in creative workshops that taught them about photography. The sessions, ran in partnership with The Photo Club, taught the young people about different photographic techniques and gave them all the opportunity to use a DSLR camera to take photos of their friends Scouting.
Everyone who took part completed tasks that will help them to earn their Photographers badge, which was a badge that young people said they’d really like to complete when asked at the Avon Scouts Youth Forum in October. The session was organised by Beth Probert, District Youth Commissioner for the City of Bath, who said that ‘Teaching young people new skills for life is an important part of scouting. We want our scouts to know that their ideas are being listened to, and putting on workshops like this is one way we hope to show them that.’ Bath Scouts would like to thank Kez Hawkins from The Photo Club for running a very fun, creative and enjoyable session! To learn photography, or a range of other skills through Scouting, get in touch with us today!