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Scouts in Glastonbury Clear Up

11 July 2019

When you think about volunteering with the Scouts, you might imagine that you would be helping young people learn about camping, lighting fires or thinking of ways to challenge them and improve their skills. You also might imagine that you could support their group in an administrative way, by becoming a treasurer, or fundraiser.

But would you imagine that part of your Scouting adventure would be going to Glastonbury after the festival goers had left, to see whether Scouting could use any of the tents and general camping equipment that gets left behind every year?

This year, Bath Scouts were given the opportunity to do just that, and visited the huge site to see what they could find. It was a great opportunity to see the site and marvel at the scale of the clean up operation. There were other Scouting members there from across the county, as well as volunteers from other charities – in particular homeless charities – picking up everything from tents and airbeds, to wellies and sleeping bags.

It was good to realise that someone’s throw away tent would be put to good use. Bath Scouts came back with a few good tents to supplement those already in use. If you fancy joining us on the Scouting adventure, please contact us here.