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Jamboree in the Library

10 Oct 2013

Teenagers from across Bath will be making new global friendships on Saturday as an old Scouting tradition is brought bang up-to-date.
Bath Central Library will play host to around 30 Explorer and Network Scouts (those in the post 14 age groups) as they use the public computers to take part in the worldwide Jamboree On The Internet. The event, staged for one …

Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience – Scout Leader

23 Aug 2013

Rhod heads off on a wilderness survival camp with 200 eager Swansea Scouts. The closest Rhod’s ever come to taking kids camping is walking past a camping shop with his nephew, so can the anarchic comedian lead a group of 12 year olds safely through a forest and bite his tongue when his tent is attacked at 7am by the …