Larkhall Detectives- First Night Away Experience for the Beavers!

Date: 21st Jul 2023 Author: Amy Howard

21st Bath (Larkhall) Beavers met on a wet and grey Friday night in June to solve a very tricky crime. Sweetcorn, our beloved teddy Beaver had gone missing and it was our job to find him! We needed to find four clues across Bath. As we stood in Kensington Meadows and put on our detective glasses and our Detective ID badges, we knew we could solve this mystery if we just worked together.

Clue number one was found in the sandpit at Sydney Gardens, located after a treasure hunt along the canal and cracking a code. We then headed to Bath Scout HQ on Grove Street to set up camp for the night. After a safety briefing we finished the day with hot chocolate, biscuits and stories.

Day 2 started early, we made fruit kebabs and scrambled eggs for breakfast, being a detective gave you an appetite! After we cleared up, a mystery letter arrived with a blank piece of paper inside. Luckily, the Beavers were skilled in invisible ink techniques and they swiftly realised the message was hidden. They read with a special pen and then followed the instructions to the flagpole in Henrietta Park where another clue was located, which in turn led to clue number 3.

We were getting warmer… The Beaver Leader’s phone rang. It was the Police Station with the last clue, which was given to us using the phonetic alphabet, after a quick reminder of this alphabet, the last clue was discovered. All 4 clues found, but what do we do with them? We were starting to feel a little nervous, were we ever going to find Sweetcorn?


We headed back as fast as we could to Grove Street. Four numbers, what could that mean? Back in front of our evidence board we just had time for a quick finger printing lesson when the phone rang again. It was the police with another piece of information; “In the toilet”.

So, as a team we checked all the toilets and found a chest in one of them. How had that been hidden there!

After dragging it back to the hall, one Beaver set to work straight away on the lock. We all knew what to do, everything suddenly made sense?!

And there he was, Sweetcorn, located and sleeping at the bottom of the trunk. Phew!!

Another case solved by the Larkhall Beaver Detectives, what a team. 


Reported by:

Detective Clara (YL) & Chief Inspector Anna (Leader) 


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls